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Make lasting connections with your child through +500 free play ideas

Parenting can be stressful. Finding age-appropriate activities that both you and your child enjoy, shouldn't be. Playday makes it easy to build lasting connections with your child and support their emotional, social, and cognitive development. 

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Why Playday

Build strong connections with your child

Playing together is one of the most effective tools for building strong relationships with your child.

Social, emotional and cognitive development

Through play children learn life skills that help them thrive today and in the future.

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Easy-to-do activities
with no preparation

Simple activities that don't require preparation make play a breeze for the parents.

Quality time through screen-free play

We all love our devices but a break from them is good for the family.    

Approved by child development experts

We are working with development experts to validate the play activities.

Play ideas that are fun for the parent as well

Doing fun activities with your child can relieve stress, bring joy and be a good break from the stress of daily life.

Find the right activity in a heartbeat

We want you to spend time with your child rather than researching for activities.

At home, outdoor or on-the-go

You will fine activities for any location. We know that play can happen anywhere. 

Quotes from early testers

"Many great ideas! Well organized and easy to navigate" 

Carly, 2-year-old daugther 

"So many creative yet simple ideas. The sorting factors are excellent."

David, 4-year-old son

"It's great that many activities are developmental and fun at the same time!"  

Angela, 1-year-old daughter
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